It was not a day to be proud of, former Australian wicketkeeper Ian Healy told SENQ 693.

We couldn’t keep things in check.

Cummins had a terrible day on the field. He threw two catches and didn’t see a single. He kept making half bowls at half tempo. Crawley bowled straight at the start of the game, but you need to take the ball away from him and not bat from his favorite areas.

They were hitting us left, right and over the top.

We didn’t have a fielder on the slog-sweep for Travis, but every fast bowler has someone on the boundary.

It was just unbelievable.


However, former Australia skipper Tim Paine defended Cummins, saying he would still bounce back.

Before I get to the point, I will say it’s a lot easier to be a team captain sitting in your living room or in the commentary box when there’s absolutely no pressure on you, Paine told SEN Tassie Breakfast.

When the ball is flying around like Zak Crawley and the Poms did last night, things can go awry and I think Pat recognizes that he didn’t do everything right last night, but he’s not going to.

He’s never going to admit it. No captain will ever do that. We can only hope he comes back tomorrow and they think hard about how they can reduce the run rate, create pressure and try to take some wickets that way.

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