Brandon McCullum scored 300 and when Virat Kohli dropped the ball, I remembered it happened during lunch. Virat apologized to Zach and Zach said, Don’t worry, we’ll get him out. During tea, Kohli apologized again and Zak told him not to worry. On the third day, when Kohli apologized during tea, Zak told him: You have ended my career, Sharma replied.

Zaheer then joined the conversation and said, I didn’t say that. I said there are only two players, the first is Kieran More, who dropped Graeme Gooch and he scored 300. After that it was Virat Kohli who dropped the ball and someone scored 300. Then he told me not to say that, naturally, because it would have been unpleasant for him. The ball was dropped and the points were scored.

India were in a commendable position in the game and were looking to level the series. However, McCullum’s marathon shot helped the hosts avoid a draw in the match. New Zealand won the two-match Test series 1-0.

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