The experience he (Bamrach) brings is very important. He is now recovering from a serious injury and I don’t know if he will go to Ireland as the team is yet to be announced.

If he plays, it is good and we hope he plays before the World Cup. When a player comes back from a serious injury, his playing form, sense of play are key components that are missing, Rohit told a press conference ahead of the 1st ODI.

We will see what is planned and it all depends on his recovery. We are in constant touch with NCA and things are looking positive at the moment, Rohit added.

On Virat Kohli’s poor form

Rohit Sharma also spoke about Virat Kohli’s overseas form and said that he has already answered this question many times.

I have answered this question many times. The outside noise, who scored how much, how many wickets took or didn’t take… People sitting outside, when they talk, they don’t know what is going on inside.

Internal conversations remain internal and we want them to remain internal only. We don’t look at all that stuff. What’s important to us is how we get a win or win a series. We’re focused on that, not on who’s talking and what’s being said. That’s what I’ve said many times and that’s all I’m going to say in the future.

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