Cameron Green missed the last test at Headingley. In his place in the all-rounder position is Mitchell Marsh. He played a brilliant match. He scored a lightning fast ton in the first innings and also scored in the deciding game.

Murphy, who acted as the main spinner, bowled very few overs and could have been more effective.

Especially with the way England are playing. They are very much attacking bowlers and we have four right-arm fast bowlers, so our attack is a bit monotonous, said Waugh.

For the first time since 2012, Australia did not select an established spinner in their attack. Waugh also acknowledged that Starc can bring the needed variation: ‘Mitchell Starc is a key player because he is left-handed and he swings the ball, he brings variation.

But if the wicket is pretty even and we don’t have anything special up our sleeve, I think England will like the sight of four right-arm fast bowlers, he added.

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