Changes were evident after Pakistan defeated Sri Lanka by four wickets in the first Test. The top order was unafraid to go on the attack in the first innings and Shan Masood, who came in at number 3, made five boundaries and six hits in 39 balls.

Despite falling first wickets, Pakistan led 101-5, Saud Shakeel and Agha Salman put together a 177-run partnership for the sixth wicket where the former made his first double century and the latter made nine fours and one six, playing 113 balls.

In the press conference on the second day, Masood will talk about how the team perked up when England came to Pakistan. ‘The last Test series has made us think and the management has made sure that one of the things we are lacking is that we are not scoring as much as our rivals,’ he said.

We live in a time when thrill-hungry batsmen chase bowlers, score points and showcase their skills. Yes, we would like to play attractive cricket, but we would like to play cricket that helps us win matches.

History of Intentions

The history of Pakistani cricket is mostly about honoring winners — those mercurial goons who can single-handedly turn the tide of a match. They always have a few top players and a lot of hard workers in their team. For every Javed, there is an Imran protecting the young players who adhere to this philosophy

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