Yes, it looks beautiful, hopefully we can pick it up, fingers crossed, the ICC quoted Rohit, who is currently in the US, as saying.

The tournament, starting October 5, will be played at 10 venues in India.

I know for a fact that at every venue, at every venue we will be traveling to, we will have massive support waiting for us. You know, it’s the World Cup, so everybody is looking forward to this event and bringing the World Cup back to India after 12 years… …You know, 2011 was the last time we played the 50-over World Cup. In 2016, we played the 20-over World Cup, but the 50-over World Cup after 12 years in the country — people are very excited and we can see that there is already a buzz back home. I’m looking forward to playing at all the venues. Talking about his memories of the World Cup, Rohit said: In 2003, India played very well right up to the final. You know Sachin Tendulkar was brilliant with the bat, he scored so many runs. And then the 2007 World Cup started where we didn’t do very well, we didn’t even qualify after the league stage, so it was very disappointing. 2011 was memorable for all of us, I remember watching it from home, every match, every ball that was scored and played.

There were two kinds of emotions, one was that I wasn’t part of it, so I was a bit disappointed. I decided I wasn’t going to watch the World Cup, but then again,

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