He should probably be given a fixed position as a player so that he can build his innings and score big runs.

However, former India wicketkeeper Parthiv Patel while talking to Cricbuzz observed that Samson is yet to utilize the opportunities that he is being given.

Every time India lose, we look at the negatives. Throughout the white-ball series, we have talked about batters needing to bat long and so far that has not been the case. Every time Samson is not in the lineup, we talk about him, but he has not capitalized on the opportunities he has had so far. I guess time is running out for him, maybe yes, maybe no, Parthiv Patel told Cricbuzz.

Samson is getting a lot of opportunities but honestly, he is just not making the most of them. Only one batter looked comfortable and that was Tilak Varma, he added.

Samson needs to be more patient in his shot selection and be more confident in his batting. If he can do that, he will be a force to reckon with in international cricket.

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