What do you think? Mandhana responded to a question about the judging.

In any match, sometimes it happens that you are not very happy… especially when there is no DRS this time in the series, Mandhana said.

We expect a little bit better level of — I would put it better, better level of umpiring in terms of some of the decisions because it was very noticeable that in some of the decisions there was not even a second thought if the ball hit the pad. There wasn’t even a second thought and the finger went up, Mandhana suppressed her anger, giving a more measured response.

Mandhana hopes neutral umpires will be the way out.

I am sure ICC, BCB and BCCI will definitely discuss this issue, maybe we will have a neutral umpiring system so that we don’t sit here and discuss it but can focus on cricket and cricket related issues, she said.

Saying that Kaur’s action was against the spirit of cricket, Mandhana said it would be discussed on another day.

What happened at the center is an integral part of the game. We have often seen such incidents in men’s cricket in the past, Mandhana said in his defense.

When you play for India, you want to win the match. It happens at the most crucial moment, but I think she was not very happy with the decision taken (against her). She was given an out and she felt that she was not

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