I found that it makes too much trigger movement to the side. Also, it was a little fast. You will have good days and bad days as a result. Some days the trigger movement will be synchronized or bowling in a way that will help you make runs. And some days the movements will be at variance with what is required, Raman told The Indian Express.

Moreover, according to Raman, any batsman who moves quickly in a 90-degree pose — sideways to the right — is bound to face problems when putting the ball in play.

When you settle down (after the launching motion), you should have the same balance that you had […] […]y when you grow as a cricketer, you interact with a lot of people and understand your game better. He will also try things that he wants to try. And that’s something that maybe he’s already done and now compared to what he was doing, he’s hardly moved at all. It’s good to see him thinking about his game and adjusting to it. Those are healthy and encouraging signs, Raman said. However, problems with pitches that cut off sharply — be it against pacers or spinners — persist. Raman believes there are other contributing causes besides the trigger movement.

Lately, many batters are letting their lower arm dominate their up-and-down swing. Such batters will have difficulty dealing with the incoming pitch because their b

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